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ECA Council and ECA Office

The ECA Council, made up of three members - one President and two Vice-Presidents - and an Office, has been created along with the ECA in order to safeguard its independence and the rights of the parties. One of the two Vice-Presidents is a representative of the stakeholder’s groups (the Professional Handball Board and the Women's Handball Board).

This new Council, besides having a role of representation of the ECA towards the EHF Congress, is mainly responsible for the administration of the new Court of Arbitration, including in particular the following functions:

  • Work structuring,
  • Confirmation of the nominated arbitrators after review of the legal criteria,
  • Removal of arbitrators from the List, 
  • Appointment of substitute arbitrators,
  • Appointment of arbitrators for interim measures of protection.

The ECA Council is currently managed by the following members:

  • Mr. Giorgio Tedesco, Italy, President
  • Mr. Rémy Lévy, France, Vice-President
  • Mr. Wouter Lambrecht, Belgium, Vice-President



The ECA Office, as part of the ECA Council, has been given the function to look ahead for the arbitrational handling of the disputes by the ECA and to provide an organisational support to the ECA Council and the arbitrators in the view to assure the compliance with the Rules of Arbitration for the ECA, the transparency of the ECA proceedings and the neutral and independent administration of business of the ECA Council.

The ECA Office is also available to answer any questions with regard to the European Handball Court of Arbitration, do not hesitate to contact us:



ECA Office
Hoffingergasse 18
1120 Vienna, Austria



Tel: +43 (1) 80 151-114
Fax: +43 (1) 80 151-449


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