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ECA competence - A mean of dispute settlement for handball/sport related cases


The EHF Court of Arbitration is competent to settle the following sport-related disputes through arbitration:


- Disputes arising in handball


The Rules of Arbitration for the ECA/ Statutes state that the ECA shall, upon request, settle:


Disputes arising between the EHF and national Handball Federations, the national Handball Federations among each other, national Handball Federations and their clubs as well as any dispute involving handball players, handball players' agent or handball clubs when they are related to cross-border facts or are emerging from the European Handball Federation competitions.

- Disputes arising in other sports area


The ECA may also declare being competent to decide upon disputes involving stakeholders from other sports than handball when it serves the protection of legal certainty, the principles of law as well as those governing the sport.


All internal legal channels available within the relevant handball/sport Federation must have been exhausted before requesting the resolution of an handball/sport related dispute to the EHF Court of Arbitration.  

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