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Press Statement – Recourse filed by the Hellenic Handball Federation rejected

The EHF Court of Arbitration (ECA) has rejected the claim of the Hellenic Handball Federation and decided to uphold the decision of the Jury dated 2 August 2017 to the extent that half the fine is deferred for a probationary period of 5 years.


The Jury, body of second instance at the 2017 Women’s 17 EHF Championship had confirmed the first instance decision to exclude the federation from the competition, fix the result of the preliminary round matched 0:10 and 0:2 points and imposed a fine of €25.000.


These measures had been imposed following the federation’s decision to abandon the preliminary round match played against F.Y.R Macedonia on 1 August 2017, arguing that some officials from the opposing team were wearing clothes displaying the name “Macedonia”.


The ECA panel found in substance that:


  • The Interim Accord signed between both countries and the United Nations is biding solely between the signatories and not towards the EHF.
  • The Hellenic Handball Federation breached its obligation to participate in the competition and had no valid motivation to do so.


The sanction imposed is adequate and proportionate, however, the aim to deter future violations can also be achieved by deferring part of the fine.
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